Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

The Notice of Intended Marriage form must be received
by an
Authorised Marriage Celebrant

not more than
18 months
before the marriage

and no less than
1 month
before the marriage

What does "1 month mean"?

You may marry on the corresponding number of that day in the next month from when your Notice of Intended Marriage was lodged.
For example, if your Notice of Intended Marriage form is lodged with a celebrant on the 1st of January, the earliest you may marry is the 1st February.
Should it be the case that the date is later in the month and there is not a matching day in the next month, then you will be able to marry the next available day - for example - if you lodge your NOIM on the 31st of March, you may marry on May 1st (as April 31st does not exist).