What is experienced between birth and death is what makes us who we are - who we love will remember us always and who we leave behind will want to say "Thank you".

As a qualified Funeral Celebrant, my greatest gift to a grieving family is to help tell the story.

Death is a very sad time. Life on the other hand is filled with fantastic, joyous brilliant memories - life is a celebration.

A funeral ceremony is the time to farewell, reflect, remember and grieve. It is the time that family and friends gather to express feelings, to enable closure and to support each other. The ceremony captures the essence of your loved one - it is the time for tears, for sadness, for loss. It is also the time to smile while reflecting, laugh while remembering and gratitude for being able to share.

Feel sad for the passing - feel joy for the life.

A typical funeral service can include the following -

Memorabilia, readings, music, photos, personal tributes - anything at all that you feel you may like, just ask me or your funeral director.

You may contact medirectly, or if you wish, ask your funeral director to contact me.

Planning your own Funeral

Many people are now choosing to plan their own funerals.

At the time of a passing grief can be overwhelming - a little can be overcome knowing that the all important eulogy has been given a kick start by the person who knows the storybest - you!

If you feel this is an option you would like to explore, please contact me and we can discuss it further.


Aliverals are a celebration for the living.

The opportunity to join together and share magical moments in the company of the people who made your life what it is.

Aliverals are the time you can say the things you, your friends and your family have always felt and never had the time to say.

Aliverals give you the time to share and even have a laugh about the good old days. Time is precious and it goes too fast, so let's try to make the most of every living moment.

Aliverals help you make time to make the most of precious time. Celebrate life - and say it now.

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