This is Your Life - Birthday or Anniversary Celebration

A special birthday coming up or perhaps an anniversary? A 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th? Or is it just the perfect time for a celebration? Are there a myriad of things you would like to say to that very special person / couple? Just imagine family and friends gathering to pay tribute to the Guest/s of Honour... memories, great times shared, thank yous, gratitude - the list is only limited by your imagination.

Once you have chosen the date for the This is Your Life Celebration, it is then time to set about gathering information, photos, copies of certificates and any memorabilia from as many people as possible, and this should begin 3 months before the party date.. The life story of the Guest/s of Honour is created and documented in a file to be presented at the celebration. The celebration can be kept as a surprise - it is up to you! However, I would suggest the contents of the folder are kept secret.

The folder makes a wonderful keepsake to be treasured, becoming an heirloom. A wonderful snapshot of treasured memories

At the celebration the order is basically this:

  • Guests arrive - (if you are planning a surprise party, ensure the invitations state a time that is at least 15 minutes earlier than the Guest of Honour arrival time)
  • Guests assume their places
  • Guest/s of Honour enters and is positioned centrally
  • I enter and begin by introducing myself and welcoming all
  • The Guest/s of Honour is approached, settled and then once the Guest/s of Honour is comfortable we can begin to share the wonderful memories of yesteryears
  • Guests are welcome to make speeches and if the Guest/s of Honour is comfortable, they respond. The folder is presented as a keepsake to be treasured and the celebrations begin!

This is truly a beautiful way to pay tribute to the people who give much and ask for little!

Oh, one tip - make sure there are tissues handy!

Another tip - why not get a few people together to help pay for the This is Your Life Celebration? Makes an unusual and unique gift - a gift that will last forever.

Ceremonies are the beginning of a lifetime of memories

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