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Funeral or Memorial

Don't cry for me (Deborah Chaplin)

Don't cry for me I am not far

I am here and I walk in your shadow

When you need me I'll hold your hand and walk beside you

If you feel a light breeze on your cheek
it may well be me

Kissing you gently so don't brush it away

I loved you in life as you loved me

I'll love you in death

Don't cry for me

Smile as you remember me

Laugh out loud as you recall the silly things we shared

Laugh out loud remembering the fun

For I am not far

Don't cry for me

When you need me
call my name

I hear you everywhere

I feel you too

Remember my darling I am not far
(c) Deborah Chaplin 2010

Today is not a sad day (Deborah Chaplin)

Today is not a sad day, oh no not for me

I lived a live of love, of joy, of revelry

You see when I walked among the living

I experienced much and relished in the giving

I took the time to smell the flowers

I appreciated all that surrounded me

So you see, I can say with all honesty

That today is not a sad day

Oh no, not for me

Because today is the day I was destined to be free

(c) Deborah Chaplin 2010