CoVid 19

From: October 29th 6pm

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Can I attend or host a wedding?

Yes, but you must comply with the relevant vaccination,
density and capacity requirements:
If all attendees at a venue are fully vaccinated,
are under 16 or have a valid medical exemption,
the service can have one person per 4 sqm indoors,
or one person per 2 sqm outdoors with up to 500 people.

If vaccination status isn't being checked,
funerals are limited to 30 people per facility
with density limits of one person per 4 sqm.
If the funeral is held at a venue,
you may use the indoor and outdoor spaces at the same time
if the indoor limit is observed across all of the venue.
Funerals held at a private residence may only have 10 attendees,
excluding those necessary to conduct the funeral,
anyone who lives at the premises (or their intimate partners),
and infants under 12 months.
Faith leaders do not have to show their vaccination status.

You must wear a fitted face mask indoors unless an exception applies.

Can I attend a wedding or a funeral in Melbourne if I live in regional Victoria?

Yes. You can leave home for any reason and travel anywhere in Victoria.

Can I get married or host a wedding at my home?

Yes, but weddings held at a private residence have a cap of 10 people.
The celebrant, photographer, any person who ordinarily resides at the premises (or their intimate partners) and infants under 12 months are not included in this cap.
These limits also apply if you hold your wedding in your backyard,
or any outdoor area of your house

Is a wedding photographer counted in the limit on guests at a wedding?

No, a photographer is not counted as part of the caps for a wedding.

Does a couple getting married need to wear face masks at their wedding?

The marrying couple do not need to wear face masks during the marriage ceremony,
or during photos, but must wear face masks at all other times when indoors (unless an exception applies).